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Karaté Club Nancéien (Ecole Eiji Kawanishi)

Martial arts > Japanese Martial Arts > Karate > Shito-ryu

Karate Club Nanceien Ecole Eiji Kawanishi Karate club nanceien ecole eiji kawanishi    
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Karate club nancy school eiji kawanishi - shukokai shito ryu karate do - philippe pezeril, official representative of matre eiji kawanishi teach you karate style shito ryu shukokai school of tani ha shito ryu and founded by k. mabuni patre  fr  

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Latasha wrote 07-08-2016 :
Smdak-cab what I was looking for-ty!

Naoyuki wrote 03-10-2015 :
I'd recommend that you stay away. After liookng at the bio on him and viewing a few videos, I'm not impressed. I've seen many martial arts during my 41+ years of martial arts training. It just does not add up. The first thing that bothers me is the name Shaolin Do Shaolin , is Chinese the word Do , is Japanese.Training since 1967.

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