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Various with Weapons

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BODDHIQWAN Boddhiqwan    
( 101 visits since 25-07-2008 )
The boddhiqwan is a school of martial arts wushu impregnated or philosophical doctrines buddhist and taoist s which interpenetrate and legacy of the m...  fr  

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Kung fu Brussels Kung fu brussels    
( 33 visits since 02-07-2009 )
Shifu chevallier commenced on gong-fu in a school of hung gar style of wu-shu southern china, based on low and stable positions in postures of dragon,...  fr  

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kungfu wushu cek St Nazaire Kungfu wushu cek st nazaire    
( 104 visits since 19-08-2008 )
Course kungfu wushu, practice and changquan nanquan. classes for all levels and all ages. the club's goal is the development of chinese martial ar...  fr  

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