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Various with Weapons

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Nunchaku Lyonnais Website Nunchaku lyonnais website    
( 24 visits since 09-10-2008 )
Nunchaku lyons, 2 club to learn to handle the nunchaku in all its forms: combat, artistic kata. welcome to the website of the 2 clubs in the lyon regi...  fr  

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School of Martial Arts Frederic Mejias School of martial arts frederic mejias    
( 65 visits since 07-04-2007 )
Courses shotokan karate, okinawa kobudo d bo, satonfa, nunchaku,. and jodo. for any and all levels. clubs nationally and internationally. stages; demo...  fr  

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Gen Budo and Martial Arts Gen budo and martial arts    
( 53 visits since 23-09-2007 )
Representative of sensei demura in france. pioneer and founder of gen budo official discipline of the french federation of karate. john marks teaching...  fr  

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the club website Maisons-Laffitte Chanbara The club website maisons-laffitte chanbara    
( 3 visits since 02-07-2009 )
Chanbara maisons-laffitte...  fr  

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Shishinkan: Shibu Sugino's dojo Kawasaki Shishinkan: shibu sugino's dojo kawasaki    
( 26 visits since 25-07-2008 )
Shishinkan the aims of teaching combat techniques to weapons in the purest japanese tradition: katori shinto ryu iai-jutsu, ken-jutsu, bo-jutsu, nagin...  fr  

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