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Vajra gym blog of brossard, quebec, canada. it teaches traditional kung fu styles: baji quan and liu he xin yi and there are also yoga classes that are offered.  fr    en  

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Bore wrote 03-10-2015 :
Super excietd to see more of this kind of stuff online.

Sarahi wrote 31-08-2015 :
I imagine that you could frgeot about the insurance and all that as long as you have a very specific and airtight contract signed by each and every person competing, stating that you take absolutely no responsibility for injury or death and that each fighter competes at his/her own risk + or any other legality that you can come up with. It should probably also state the conditions of the fight and the rules. Basically just make sure that you are protected from any responsibility whatsoever. Maybe you should also ad that you reserve the right to make changes to the contract at any time without warning and that sort of thing. Make sure spectators are well back from the fight and have no chance of being injured. If this is really going to be a big event with people that you cant say you trust 100% to be cool about things, I would really really consult a lawyer, someone who knows about the law for real. Make sure you have a place to do it either with no one else around who will complain or that you have full consent from your neighbors, again a contract would be good. Anyway have fun if you pull it off.

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