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Shorinji Kempo

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Shorinji Kempo —note that the World Shorinji Kempo Organization prefers the Romanization kempo to kenpo—is a martial art form of Kempo that was invented by Doshin So (1911-1980) in 1947, who incorporated Japanese Zen Buddhism into the fighting style. This form of Kempo can be both a religion and a fighting form at the same time much like Shaolin kung fu, on which it is based. Looked at from a Japanese martial arts perspective, it could be described as a combination of karate, judo, and aikijujutsu built on a Kung Fu framework, except that this art generally has no killing moves because of its respect for life. It is a form of Kempo that tries to get its practitioners to move through life doing minimal damage whenever possible.


Official Website of Shorinji Kempo in France Official website of shorinji kempo in france    
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Official site of shorinji kempo in france...  fr  

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Vallet Shorinji Kempo Vallet shorinji kempo    
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Vallet shorinji kempo practice this martial art of self-defense in the loire atlantique under aegis of the federation of karate and the world shorinji...  fr  

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