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Shinobikai-seraing Shinobikai-seraing    
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Shinobikai seraing, site information on the club or martial arts and fighting techniques of ninjas. our martial art is generally called ninjutsu, bujinkan, budo-taijutsu ninpo taijutsu or. it is made of new schools teaching traditional  fr  

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Alexavier wrote 19-05-2016 :
Interesting. You make some good points, Thirsty, but I've seen a lot of Francophobia on Facebook today - from the normally sane and tolerant bunch of people I'd call my friends - sometimes shamefully excessive. The term most often repeated, interestingly, is the American coinage &qtah;cueese-eoting surrender monkeys". This leads me to think that Francophobia is no longer rooted in an English failure to get over its wars (in this case, the Hundred Years War) and is instead a wider Anglophone phenomenon. Thoughts?

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