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Le Do dans le karaté

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The Do in karate The do in karate    
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For those who want to practice or practice a martial art as an exercise spirituel.vous find sections forming bridges between spiritual texts and the manner of addressing the practice of karate and matrise your energy.  fr  

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Emanuel wrote 10-08-2014 :
Wow, im an ex wrestler and a ktarae black belt, 5ft5 and 220lbs id love to wrestle this hot mistress naked, i reckon id beat her, id love to challenge her, so lady if your ever in England look me up, if i lose id be your slave, by the way i think your red hot.x [url=]ljwwrlfjp[/url] [link=]iwwuvku[/link]

Yvonne wrote 07-08-2014 :
When you practice your kata, one of the thgnis you want to concentrate on, is relaxing, but also putting power in the right place at the right time.The only time you want tense your muscles, is at point of impact. So, execute your techniques as you have been; fluid, and relaxed. Don't tense the muscles until the punch, kick, or block is fully extended. As far as your stances are concerned, they'll need to be rigid while your legs are supporting your weight, but once you begin to throw a kick, use the philosophy I just mentioned. It's a good thing that you're inherently relaxed. This makes your techniques faster. If you try to tense up WHILE you throw your techniques, it'll slow you down, and you'll tire more quickly. Whereas when you're relaxed, and only tense at the end of your technique, you'll have speed, and power, and you won't be as winded.To further help you, think of the difference between swinging a club ( stiff and rigid always ), and swinging whip with a heavy ball at the end ( tense at the very last split second ). Hope this helps.

Adedokun wrote 07-08-2014 :
kata is just a bunch of moves that work together in a<a href=""> speiifcc</a> situation, most involving swords and what not, otherwise are adjusted to fit a real life situation. You don't need to use strength until the last second striking them with quick and precise. Instead of doing it all the time use the muscles needed for that<a href=""> speiifcc</a> move. Otherwise maybe you should practice doing it in your free time and have your body learn to do it fluidly by doing it over and over till you dont have to even think when you are doing it, which i suspect is the problem anyway when you say you tense up.

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