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Official website of the section of kendo jsr la rochelle in charente maritime. devotes the way of the sword, a japanese fencing. classes are on tuesdays and saturdays at the dojo cacaud place des jacobins. 17000 la rochelle.  fr  

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Julian wrote 09-08-2014 :
An interesting point, and a valid one. It also comes up as a<a href=""> dbtaee</a> at every tournament. IMO, pushing just to push is poor kendo. If it's a major part of your shiai kendo, then it is a major part of your dojo keiko, and that means that deep down you're just a bully. Yes, pushing is part of kendo, and done correctly at the right time it is a wonderful waza (which should be used!) to create an opening from which you can land a strike. But there in lies the key are you creating an opening with the intent to strike (a waza), or are you pushing just to push (bullying)?Abusing your size/strength against an opponent to exploit a rule present in sports detracts from the sports aspect of kendo. Unfortunately smaller players, usually women, tend to fall victim to this. Yes, size doesn't matter and according a quote my wife relayed to me (source unknown): All are equal under the sword. Smaller players need to learn to deal with larger ones, and everybody needs to learn to deal with pushers .But it really comes down to this: are you pushing to overwhelm your opponent with the intent to *just* push and overwhelm your opponent? Or are you pushing to create a suki (opening) through which you can hit (i.e. your intent with the push it to land a strike with your shinai) or taking advantage in a momentary lapse in your opponent's posture, readiness, or zanshin (push out of bounds if they are unready and at the edge of the court).The first reason is not good kendo, nor is it good sport. The others are.Last up here's a quote I've always liked re: pushing. Shiai represents a duel between gentlemen. If a person imagines realswords are being used, an insightful appreciation of Kendo can be realized.e rough style of Kendo, such as pushing and shoving your opponent aera hit in order to break zanshin, or charging into an opponent in an aemptto intimidate him/her, is unrealistic in a real duel. ere could be none of theshoving mentioned above as the man would be dead! Charging foolishly intoan opponents sword will produce the same results. We can continue to perpetu-ate productive ladies and gentlemen or, we can produce competitive brutes whointentionally hurt people and bend the rules […] under the pretense of Kendo.

Vika wrote 08-08-2014 :
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Ome wrote 06-08-2014 :
Ayorinde One of the reasons I chose to use a Google srheadspeet was so that I could circle back and add more information and correct any mistakes. I will retweet when I make any revisions.Thanks for commenting.Gordon

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