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Jodo, meaning "the way of the jo", or jojutsu is a Japanese martial art using short staves called j?. The art is similar to b?jutsu, and is strongly focused upon defense against the Japanese sword. The jo is a short staff, usually about 3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) long, about the average length of a walking stick. However, the art was not used, as one might fancifully imagine, by travelers to ward off aggressive bandits or swordsmen. The martial art of jodo was the province of professional warriors.


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Jodo à bale, suisse. enseignement de seite jo, la voie du baton. d apres l ecole ancienne shinto muso ryu. trois entrainements par semaine: mardi, je...  fr  

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What do jôjutsu? What do jôjutsu?    
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Jujutsu laval: the sogo budo jujutsu has a repertoire of more miles techniques from traditional japanese martial arts...  fr  

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