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Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan

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Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido jin jung kwan    
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Official website of the school of hapkido jin jung kwan france, raphael couet official representative of the korea hapkido federation of the school and jin jung kwan france and for the country fracophones student direct grd patre chang soo lee 9th dan  fr  

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Magda wrote 25-07-2014 :
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Nade wrote 20-07-2014 :
Dear Grand Master Garrison: Thank you for your words, not just this post but always. Each is an istnirapion. I feel especially compelled to write in response today because of an experience that fills me with the same recognition of the glory of the Masters. One of my titles is Reiki Master. Reiki is an energetic (spiritual) healing that was introduced by a Japanese Christian University President who went on a journey to answer a question posed by one of his students as to how did Jesus heal the sick when He was on earth. After many years and searches that took him all over the world and necessitated him learning several languages so he could translate ancient texts, Dr. Usui was given Reiki. I trained in the traditional Usui method and feel it is truly a gift from God, one that He/She meant for us to have. Finally coming to the point I'm blown away when I come across techniques that are touted as improvements on the simplicity of the original. The audacity of someone thinking they can do better than the Master of this technique and their followers to think they need better than they already have is a mystery to me. Thank you again for helping us stay on a tried and true path. Respectfully, Sabum Cheryl Brundage

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