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ECOLE DE KUNG FU WU QI DAO Ecole de kung fu wu qi dao    
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Etude du kung fu wushu par l enseignement des connaissances theoriques et pratiques des arts martiaux chinois. se liberer des tensions de la vie quotidienne engendrees par la societe d aujourd hui tout en travaillant et perfectionnant ses techniques marti  fr  

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Jetsin wrote 19-05-2016 :
I cant decide if this is cute and fun or teenage trashy. She seems to pull it off and she wears it well but th12e&#8re7;s something about it that bothers me and I’m not sure what it is..

Fakhir wrote 03-10-2015 :
They both are very powerful I would say that Shaolin is more vreiad though and you could practice just that form all of your life and still never master everything.Also Shaolin has elements of speed and power plus deflection and using the opponents energy against them so I feel that you would get the best of both worlds as well as learning a system that incorporates it's strength training into the style and teaches cool flips and kicks to try and impress your friends however they most likely won't be impressed but it's still fun none the less lol.Personally I do Wing Chun which is very powerful in a soft way.9 years in To-Shin Do

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